Ham and Cheese Pinwheels - My Incredible Recipes (2024)

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Ham and Cheese Pinwheels are insanely delicious for lunch appetizer or even for dinner! Super hot cheesy goodness and they’re ultra simple to make! These are always a crowd favorite with layers of black forest Ham, swiss cheese rolled up in buttery crescent rolls then topped with a sensational dijon glaze!

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Take a regular ham and cheese sandwich and transform it into something amazing with this recipe for Ham and Cheese Pinwheels. They’re easy to make with only a few ingredients, leaving you with a delicious lunch, dinner, or snack to enjoy.

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Super simple to put together and layer!

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Topped with the most incredible dijon sauce!

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Ham and Cheese Pinwheels

If you’re a ham and cheese fan, you need to try these simple and delicious Ham and Cheese Roll Ups prepared with Swiss cheese, thin ham slices, and a few other ingredients. In fact, you’ll only need around seven ingredients to put these roll ups together, baking to perfection for around 20-25 minutes before removing from the oven and serving. The melted cheese tastes amazing with the ham and blend of ingredients you’ll use, including the butter and dijon mustard, both of which enhance the taste of these delicious roll ups.

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Why You’ll Love These Cheese and Ham Pinwheels

  1. They’re so easy to make. It won’t take much effort or time to put these delicious pinwheel-style treats together.
  2. These Ham and Cheese Roll Ups are absolutely delicious. If you like ham and cheese sandwiches, these are the next step up and will taste even better.
  3. You don’t need too many ingredients to make these baked goodies. Best of all, you can serve them at any time, whether you’re in the mood for a quick appetizer or wanting something delicious for lunch or dinner, this recipe is great.

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Must-Have Ingredients

You’ll need several simple ingredients to make these tasty Ham and Cheese Roll Ups, such as:

You’ll also need worcestershire sauce for this recipe. With less than 10 ingredients, you can prepare something so delicious to enjoy for lunch, dinner, or even as an appetizer before a meal.

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Do I have to use Swiss cheese?

While Swiss cheese goes great with these ham slices, don’t feel obligated to use it if it’s not your favorite type of cheese. You can always swap it out for a different cheese, such as cheddar, American, or even provolone, whichever you like best.

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Is adding poppy seeds to these roll ups a must?

No, it’s not. While the poppy seeds add a finishing touch and taste great with the ham, cheese, and crescent layer, they’re not a necessity. If you don’t have them or prefer not to use them in this recipe, it’s fine to leave them out.

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Does the brand of the crescent dough matter?

Not at all. While you can use Pillsbury, feel free to use any other brand you might find, including generic options with crescent dough sheets that taste just as good.

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Can I make these roll ups with different lunch meat?

Definitely. If you don’t want to use ham, you can swap it out for other lunch meats, including bologna, turkey breast, and even roast beef. Choose what you like best. You might also prefer to make multiple variations so that you’ll have a variety of the roll ups to eat and enjoy.

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Recipe Notes & Tips

  1. After you’ve prepared your sauce with the butter, worcestershire sauce, and dijon mustard, be sure to pour an even amount of it over the roll ups. You don’t want to miss any spots because then they won’t have that added flavor on them.

  2. You can add other ingredients to the crescent roll sheets with the ham and cheese, including sliced tomatoes, jalapenos, and even mild banana peppers. Add any extras that you personally prefer and believe would taste best with these roll ups.
  3. Let your roll ups cool for a few minutes before serving them. They’re going to be extremely hot when you first remove them from the oven, and you don’t want to burn your lip on that hot, melted cheese.

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Storage Options

Fridge: You can store these roll ups in the fridge for up to 3 days, and they’ll still taste just as delicious.

Freezer: These are also freezer-friendly. Simply place them on a baking sheet and freeze for several hours until solidified, then put them all together into one large container or bag. Then, when you’re ready to eat them, let them thaw in the fridge overnight and bake according to the recipe instructions.

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Variation Options

There are so many ways that you can change up this recipe and make it your own. Get creative with the fillings, sauces, and even toppings. Try out different variations until you find the perfect one for your taste buds.

  • Buffalo chicken roll ups – Swap out the ham for some shredded chicken that’s been mixed with your favorite hot sauce. Then, top it off with some crumbled blue cheese and a sprinkle of green onions.

  • Barbecue pork roll ups – Instead of using ham, try using pulled pork that’s been mixed with your favorite barbecue sauce.
  • Cheesy bacon ranch roll ups – Make these extra cheesy by adding in some shredded cheddar cheese, and give them a flavor boost with some crumbled bacon bits and a sprinkle of ranch seasoning on top.

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Ham and cheese roll ups are a great way to enjoy a tasty and easy-to-make meal. This recipe is versatile, so you can customize it with your favorite ingredients. Plus, the ham and cheese combination is always delicious. These roll ups will be sure to please everyone at your next get-together or party.

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Ham and Cheese Crescent Rolls


  • 1 tube crescent dough sheet
  • 20 – 22 slices Black Forest Ham thinly sliced
  • 12 slices swiss cheese thinly sliced
  • 1/2 cup butter melted
  • 1 Tbsp. poppy seeds
  • 2 tsp Dijon mustard
  • 1/2 tsp. Worcestershire sauce


Preheat oven to 350ºF and spray a 9x13 inch baking dish with cooking spray, or grease with butter.

  • Open the tube of crescent dough and unroll with the longest side of the dough at the bottom (rectangle). Pinch the seams closed and lightly press out the dough a bit thinner, approx. 10 x 13.

  • Lay 6 slices of swiss cheese on the dough, leaving a 1/4 inch margin at the edges.

  • Top with the ham (fold the slices over if needed) and then lay down the rest of the cheese slices on top of the ham.

  • Start rolling up the dough with the contents inside, starting with the longest side. Roll as tightly as possible. Pinch the ends closed.

  • Cut into 18 pieces.

  • Carefully put the rollups in the dish, evenly spaced, being sure to pinch any seams that may have separated.

  • In a bowl, mix together the butter, poppy seeds, mustard, and Worcestershire sauce.

  • Pour the sauce evenly over the rolls.

  • Bake, uncovered, for 20-25 minutes until browned.

  • Remove after cooking time and let cool slightly before removing from the dish.

  • Enjoy!

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Ham and Cheese Pinwheels - My Incredible Recipes (2024)


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